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Laura Stockwell is a multimedia artist from Michigan.  Focused on watercolor with forays into ink, linocut, acrylic and photography, Laura consistently focuses on natural subject matter.  She draws inspiration from the forests, fields and waters of Michigan.

Laura attended classes taught by Jack Summers of Detroit in her early years, and has explored various mediums and techniques since.


Since childhood, Laura has been fascinated with all things related to nature.  It is not uncommon to find her hiking, camping or fishing in Michigan on weekends.  This passion for wild places, wild creatures and the natural world has translated into a nearly compulsive desire to create artistic interpretations of landscapes, creatures, flora, and fauna.

With a large body of work, Laura has enjoyed the opportunities to be part of showings in Lowell, Bay City, West Branch, Port Austin and Lapeer.   She is currently working with watercolor and enjoying the fluidity of focus the medium allows.  She has also worked in digital photography and often works from photographs she takes.  With a solid grounding in composition and basic drawing techniques, Laura also enjoys working with Linoleum block prints, ink, pencil, acrylic on canvas and wood burning.

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